Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Slap Final Cut

Here is the final cut for The Slap. The majority of the changes I made were just cutting some parts of scenes out to get the run time under 6 minutes. I would have liked to cut it down more but I simply couldn't get rid of anymore otherwise the base plot would not have made sense. I also adjusted the brightness and contrast in a couple of shots.

Overall I am extremely happy with the final product and its a great feeling to see it finally completed. I set out to make a funny comedy film and I believe I have achieved that.

Magazine Review Final

Here is my final draft for my magazine review. The prominent change I made was changing the main image. I thought the previous image didn't really show anything about the plot or type of film it was so I tried to choose a picture that in itself was funny but also hinted at the plot of the film. This picture shows how Jason becomes a third wheel.I also just proof read the writing and corrected a few spelling mistakes.

Movie Poster Final

Here is my final draft of my movie poster. The only change I have made from the last draft is adding a review to the poster. This creates synergy between the poster and my movie review, as I have pulled the quote from my own review.
I am really happy with the poster overall. I would have liked to make the cutting of my face slightly cleaner around the edges but apart from that I am very satisfied with the end result.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Movie Poster 3rd Draft

Above is my third draft for my ancillary task. The only major change I have made is adding the two images of Harvey and Jess on either side of the poster. I decided to do this because the poster looked a little plain and bland before hand but also because they are major characters in the film and to follow convention they should be on the poster. I think my next draft will be my final one as I am quite happy with it now.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

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The Slap 4th Draft

In my 4th draft I made a few major changes to my piece:
  • My 3rd draft was nearly 7 minutes long and my first goal was to cut this down to at least 6 minutes at this stage. This was far more difficult than it sounded as a lot of the footage is needed for the plot to make sense. I trimmed a couple of scenes at the end by a few seconds and that got me down to about 6.30 minutes. The most significant cut I made was getting rid of part of the narration; "Jason would come home with an injured face so regularly that his mum had to dedicate at least half an hour a day to sooth his wounds" This was after I discussed it with Miss and we felt that it wasn't really needed. This final cut got it down to 6 15. I need to have another discussion with Miss to see what else I can cut.
  • The most significant change I made was replacing 'Bye Bye Baby' with an original track that my Dad made. This had been a long time coming and it was good to finally make the change. 
  • The last change I made was adding some titles in at the start just to make it more visually exciting, I researched the correct order of titles to make sure it followed conventions.